Fallen Arches

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The arch is referred to as the gap between the inner side of the foot and the ground, flat feet is a condition in which the foot doesn't have a normal arch. It can affect one or even both feet. People that have a low arch or no arch commonly refer to their condition as flat feet or fallen arches. 20 to 30% of the population surfer this condition. Having flat feet can cause other foot problems such bunions,  Achilles tendonitis, callus, corns shin pain, severe heel pain, knee and ankle pain. Flat feet can develop over a period of time due to a illness or injury and even obesity.

A primary symptom of flat feet is abnormal shoe wear. People who suffer with flat feet typically have shoes that break down the inside wall of the heel counter and the outside of the forefoot area. A good way to check  is to look at your foot print. If you have a normal arch you will not leave much of an arch impression since the arch is mostly off the ground. A person with flat feet leaves more of an impression. The primary cause of flat feet is over pronation. This can be controlled via orthotic insoles. Some people with flat feet or low arches who have been forced to live with knee, back  and foot pain no longer have to put up with it while standing, walking or running. View the Dr Foot insoles range



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Orthotic Proof Sources and Safety Data.

The use of foot orthotics has been researched and tested by leading institutions around the world, and is widely accepted in the medical community. Foot orthotics/ foot insoles are used in both public and private hospitals and clinics.

Clinical studies and field research verify the value of orthotics in preventing and treating arch pain while improving the structural integrity of the ligaments and muscles around the ankle. Flexible orthotics control foot motion without restricting function and creating compensatory movement in other structures.


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