Knee & Leg Pain

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Patello-femoral pain which is also known as knee pain and leg pain can occur in one or both knees. Patello-femoral pain is often experienced in the front of the knee and occurs when the patella is pressed against the femoral groove. Other types of leg pain include shin splints, Achilles pain, calf pain and Achilles tendonitis. All of which can be caused due to over pronation. Other symptoms can include hip pain, back pain and ankle sprains become more common.  As the foot tendons loosen due to over pronation, the muscles in the feet adapt to this abnormal alignment, the person will find that they have an extremely flexible and flat foot.  A number of external signs of this ailment can be extreme wear and tear on the interior soles of shoes. Another sign is the big toe is small the  second toe  making the foot more prone to over pronate.

The compression forces increase the further the knee is bent and as a result pain usually increases as well. Therefore, patello-femoral pain may be made worse by activities that involve repetitive bending of the knee. Pain is often felt going up or down stairs or after sitting for long periods of time. Patello-femoral pain can be accompanied by "clicking" or "grinding" and sometimes by a feeling that the knee "catches" or wants to "give way". The primary cause of knee pain is over pronation. This can be controlled via sports insoles. The insole control the biomechanical movement of the foot. People suffering with knee pain whom have been forced to live with the pain no longer have to put up with this condition while standing, walking or running. View the Dr Foot's insoles range.

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Orthotic Proof Sources and Safety Data.

The use of foot orthotics has been researched and tested by leading institutions around the world, and is widely accepted in the medical community. Foot orthotics/ foot insoles are used in both public and private hospitals and clinics.
Clinical studies and field research verify the value of orthotics in preventing and treating arch pain while improving the structural integrity of the ligaments and muscles around the ankle. Flexible orthotics control foot motion without restricting function and creating compensatory movement in other structures.


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Dr Foot's Sport Insoles provide extra longitudinal support and cushioning for runners, plus lateral support for tennis, squash and aerobics. Forefoot extensions prevent movement of the insert, which is important during sporting activities. Ideal for patients seeking arch support for prevention and treatment of knee pain.
The ideal insoles for complete foot support, comfort, correct posture and mechanics. Dr Foot's insole are a unique foot support system intended to help relieve knee pain, while preventing foot strain and injury. A full-length, prescription like arch support prevents and treats foot pain. The result: control for feet rolling inward (over-pronation), which can pull the entire lower body out of alignment. A special fabric cover reduces slippage and heat, helping keep feet drier.



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